My Valentine

Oh it was always just another day for me…..a day without my Valentine
I searched him, longed for him, dreamed he would be mine
I felt a cool breeze whispering to me that he is somewhere
But whenever I tried to seek him….. he was nowhere

My days were long , my evenings sad and my nights cold
There were roses and my hands ….but no one to hold
I stopped dreaming, lost my hope ….but still I would pray
Pray to meet my soul mate, to feel him around some day

Oh yes my prayers were heard and my dreams came true!!!
My eyes glowed, I smiled when I first met you!
I found in you my friend , lover, husband…….my life
I am happy and proud to be your loving wife

This year I have my love with me…….my Valentine
My life’s got a purpose with you…… Valentine !!!!

2 Comments on “My Valentine

  1. Dear Sonal –

    I’ve just read your poems. You are a very talented poet and writer. Keep up the great creative work. So much has happened since India and look how bright and wonderful your future looks when you focus on all the dreams that have yet to appear. I wish you and Ash the best of everything wonderful as you go thru life together. Good luck on your blog!


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