Stop another racist massacre! Take Action!

Stop another racist massacre! Take Action!
I was in a grocery store in a suburb of Plano, a suburb of Dallas.  My very cute little toddler who’s not even two , was walking with a nectarine and a plum in her hands, greeting and smiling at every one as she always does. She greeted this white man with glasses and about a minute later she tripped and fell ; not willing to let go off her fruits she slowly but surely managed to get up on her own. A couple of minutes later the same white guy mumbled to my husband, ” Your kid is on the floor!” My husband gave him a nice smile, and that arrogant brute said, ” and you are not in Mumbai!” My husband was like ” Excuse Me!” That white guy hurried away. I followed him with my toddler in my arms and asked him what he had said, and told him first of all my girl is not from Mumbai, she is a Canadian and that the remark he passed was extremely racist. I told him , “YOU ARE A RACIST”
That man hurried away out of the store because he knew he could get into trouble. He had initially not anticipated that the peaceful Indians living in USA can  put their foot down and take a stand on his cheap racist comments.
This incident made me think that do these people, all the people living in North America, do they know that this is the land of immigrants? Do they know that even if the majority of the people are white, their forefathers have migrated from the European nations? That the peoples of North America have progressed due to their multicultural, multi- race, multi- national population? If each and every original Indian decides to go back to his country , what will happen of the American and Canadian   economies?
When I used to read the news about the racist incidents against the black communities in USA, I used to feel bad, sad and I felt how badly one human fails to see other person as just another human being instead of seeing him as black or brown or dark skinned. But toady I personally felt the humiliation that the visible minorities of the predominantly white populated nations feel.
Indians have been known to make a highly intellectual contributions to the schools, universities, medical and pharmaceutical industry, businesses, finance, law, art and culture, culinary industry and many such aspects  of society in many developed nations like the U.K., Australia, France, Canada, the U.S.A. Middle Eastern nations, Japan, and many other countries. Why do a certain people fail to recognize this? Do they fail to keep their minds open, or do they feel threatened by the developing Indian communities? Why do these people fail to see that we are a peaceful community which believes in mutual progress?
I grew up in India and moved to the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada after my wedding. I came to that multi- cultural city with my dreams and aspirations. The city really welcomed me and made me its own. After moving to Ottawa I had a couple of subtle racist experiences, which I totally ignored, because I still had my open minded white neighbours and families whose kids were friendly with my son. When we made a decision to move to USA, I was pretty sure that this beautiful country with such vast and diverse population will embrace me and my family like Toronto did. Yes ! and it did! But such morons and narrow minded people like the guy I met today ruin the impression of the community,  city and state and eventually the country they live in! What a shame!
We are still recuperating from the Church massacre of South Carolina, and I had to experience this. Will it surprise anybody that with these racist thoughts this guy might be influencing a kid that might one day shoot people in an Indian temple just to kill a bunch of Indians? I make a humble request to all the people of visible minorities: CONFRONT RACISM!
We don’t want another church or temple or mosque or synagogue massacre!

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